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If the shoe fits...

Shoe choice can be a baffling decision for the new rider moving from running shoes to clip-in pedals, and the price points can seem just as fraught with confusion coupled with a degree of price envy when making a purchase! We all want that bargain for less than recommended retail right? But just exactly what is is that makes a $100 shoe different to the $450 shoe? I was asked this question recently when I posted a photo of my lovely shoe collection on social media…why do I love the S-Works so much was the question posed. Why are they so different to the rest? I'll admit I have been accused of being the 'Imelda of Cycling Shoes' by various family members, however I will fess up right now…I w

Buying a road bike...feeling confused?

When you don’t know anything about what you’re looking at the whole the whole bike shop experience can be daunting; so many bikes, so many components, so many different bits of advice and so much very cool looking bike bling to tempt! Buying a new bike can be super confusing! But I need to be completely transparent on this first - I am a Specialized brand ambassador, so this review isn’t meant to be about every women’s road bike on the market. It’s about four of the key road bikes in the Specialized women’s stable…gosh, I wish I could review them all! But let’s just stick to four: Ruby Comp, Amira Expert SL4, Dolce Comp Evo and Dolce Sport. Okay, so it isn’t exactly apples with apples here,

From self doubt to self belief...the journey of the woman cyclist.

As she crossed the line at that 50km gantry at ride’s end, she was laughing, and smiling, and crying…all at the same time. The emotions flooded in and crossing the line was almost impossible as the tears clouded her vision and the laughter took her breath away. Exhausted, barely able to get off the bike and depleted of every last bit of energy, she did it…and she believed that 6 months ago she would never do this. We hugged as she suddenly burst into sobs of joy. That’s the nature of what we see at Wheel Women all the time…we’re lucky! It is truly a joy to be a part of that journey. As coaches and providers of cycling skills to build women’s confidence on the bike we see some incredible stor

I will never look like someone from the pro peloton…

Posted on December 31, 2015 My kind of scales…just 15kg! Those bloody New Year resolutions…everyone is writing about them, and everyone is writing about how to ignore them, and everyone is writing about how they fail. It’s old news – in fact, if you’ve read up to this point I guess that’s a little miracle in itself! As a cycling coach I can’t tell you how many of these little promises people tell me they make, and how many promise me that they’ll turn up to more rides, or get ‘more serious’ after New Year, or work harder to get fit…oh my, I hope it’s not YOU I’m referring to. But as the year rolls on and we find ourselves thrilled at having to remember a whole new number when we write the

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