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What if I'm not fit enough, what if I'm late, what if they think I'm no good? What if...

Sigh...I can here you say it. 'Not another bloody It's-Christmas-haven't-we-had-a-fantastic-year blog post'. Yes you can stop reading right now if you wish...but what if you were to read on? What if there is something good in what I am going to say...better still, what if there is something that inspires you? There is a lot to say after a year at Wheel Women and we just can't possibly fit it all in one post. And that's been the problem for much happens at Wheel Women that I'm usually just far too busy to even do all the blogs and writing I'd love to do. Sometimes so much happens I don't even know where to start. That sure is the case at the moment as we look back on a remarkable year

I'd like to get home for Christmas please!

I needed to just get a few things off my chest...that van driver who nearly wiped me out was a rude bastard in a place he should never have been. I don't wish him any malice, I just want him to know he that he nearly ruined Christmas for a whole bunch of people...not least himself, but he didn't care. In fact he was just angry - was he angry because he was late, or angry because he just lost his job, or was he angry because he got a fright? I don't his reason for anger, or even know if he celebrates Christmas, but whether he does or he doesn't, imagine living with the thought you had either seriously maimed a person for life, or worse still stopped them from sharing a special time with their

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