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I'd like to get home for Christmas please!

I needed to just get a few things off my chest...that van driver who nearly wiped me out was a rude bastard in a place he should never have been. I don't wish him any malice, I just want him to know he that he nearly ruined Christmas for a whole bunch of people...not least himself, but he didn't care. In fact he was just angry - was he angry because he was late, or angry because he just lost his job, or was he angry because he got a fright?

I don't his reason for anger, or even know if he celebrates Christmas, but whether he does or he doesn't, imagine living with the thought you had either seriously maimed a person for life, or worse still stopped them from sharing a special time with their family...forever. Imagine living with that for the rest of your life.

I had every right to be where I was in the green painted bike lane, and the van driver had no right to just pull across in front of me. He didn't look, but when he heard my scream he stopped, and then he yelled at me and told me to get off the 'f*&^ing' road.

But wait Mr Van Driver...what if I was lying under your van. Would you have screamed at me then?

What if I was lying on the road and the police were interviewing you...would you have yelled at me then?

Yes folks, it's Christmas...everyone is in a rush, and it seems lots of people are angry and frustrated. I'm not, because I ride a bike! And like everyone at Wheel Women we ride a bike because it's fun and it makes us feel good, and it gets us to exciting places. But for many, it also gets us home at the end of the day to be with our friends and families.

So please drivers, just think about how that van driver may be facing the rest of his life if it had been a different set of circumstances. Think how my family might be feeling right now...think of those families who have recently lost their loved one. Think about how you would explain to others that you hit a cylist.

Look before you pull across a lane, slow down near cyclists and give them room, give them an extra second to get across the intersection...a second or two won't make any difference to your time. Really!

And when you see a cyclist, don't be angry, just be patient....we just want to get home for Christmas please.

NOTE: And to the cyclist I saw earlier that day speed across an intersection diagonally because he was evidently running late for something...please don't do that. It makes car drivers think all cyclists are idiots!

Yes cyclists...that means you too. Slow down, be patient and stop to smell the roses on your rides!

So on that final note...thank you, thank you thank you to the outpouring of concern after i posted about this on Facebook. I was okay, unhurt and bike is fine....a little shaken for sure. I was touched by everyone's thoughts and care and the many messages to check I was all good! THANK YOU!

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