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Wheel Women offers high-quality, accredited bicycle skills to help you become the cyclist that you want to be.  For some this will mean learning to ride as an adult, others will want to be a confident path rider, and then some may want to ride on the roads and feel comfortable riding with traffic.

Learn to Ride

Not everyone has the opportunity to learn to ride as a child, but it's never too late to learn. Our experienced and patient instructors can help get you started rolling along.  They’ll give you hands-on support until you find your balance and then cheer as you cycle off into the sunset


Confidence Building Skills

Once you know how to ride we can develop the skills to keep you moving and give you confidence riding on the bike paths. We'll teach you how about signalling, looking behind you, controlling your speed, using gears, riding through tight spaces, and other skills you need to become a competent path rider.

Traffic Skills

If you need some help in learning how to negotiate traffic situations we can help you.  We'll discuss, demonstrate and guide you with road position, through roundabouts, using hook turns, and crossing tram tracks as you develop your on-road riding skills.

Advanced Skills

If you are wanting to take your skills even further we can show you how to climb efficiently, descend safely, and corner at speed, so that you have control and 'flow'. These skills are useful for those who want to challenge themselves with longer and faster rides. 

You can either book a lesson below or contact us at for more details.  One of our instructors will contact you to discuss how we can assist you in reaching your cycling goals.

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