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Already know how to ride but want to improve your general confidence or want to develop some skills for on-road riding? Then book a lesson with us.  In 1 hour we'll teach you some -great skills to start you riding how you want to ride.  We can cover the foundation skills so you feel confident on the bike paths, how to handle various traffic conditions, or more advanced skills so you can climb the hills and then descend them at speed. 

You need a bike (ideally your own, but you can also borrow from a friend or family member or hire a bike...please note, we don't hire bikes), a helmet, and some determination.  


Our training is always tailored to your needs and is for adults of any age.

Additional lessons can be purchased if required.

Lessons outside 15km from Melbourne CBD may incur a travel fee for instructors to come to you.


NOTE: All lessons purchased have a 3 month expiry date from date of purchase.


If you want to discuss the lessons first please contact us at or Tina on 0412 993 650.


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