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Total Beginner...cannot ride yet!

You've seen everyone riding a bike and want to join in, but you never learnt to ride! That's okay, plenty of adults don't know how to ride a bike, and you are never too old to learn!


This is you: You can't ride at all, you never learned as a child, you have never even owned a bike! You've tried before but had no success, but you are determined to do this. You need help to get started and need a Learn To Ride for Adults program.


This is real 'Learner Plates' material and we are here to help. It isn't always easy, but some catch on very quickly. You need to lose the fear and relax!

We can teach you, but we only do these lessons one-on-one.


Excellent Skills, Excellent Fitness

You are now a really accomplished rider. You've been taking on a few challenges and your skill set is really up there and you are not afraid to tackle just about anything.


This is you: You're probably doing between 200 - 250km's or more a week and that's making you smile. You've been riding hills, or maybe just smashing out the big distances, plus your speed is upwards of 27kmphr, general cruising is over 30kmphr. You live for the ride, will do anything for the ride and are obsessed with all things bike...but the best part about you is that you love to share the passion but you are still happy to ride the slower rides just to encourage other women to ride, because it's FUN...don't stop, your journey is an inspiration.


You are a great mentor to other women riders. Make the most of it - you are doing an amazing job! You are an assest to women's cycling!


You can join any LEVEL RIDE because you inspire everyone!!


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