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Is Wheel Women only for women?​

All the programs cater to women, but we do have a Wheel Cyclists program for everyone...we teach men and children too!


What is the average age of everyone who attends?

35-60, but we have people from 12 to 76 years old who attend as well.


What skill level is Wheel Women for?

All levels! We take riders from beginner to pre-race level. The majority of women come to us as beginners (can ride, but not confident), and as intermediate (comfortable on the bike and a degree of confidence, but don't like riding on the road). Check out our 'What Level Rider Are You? page


I am a real beginner and I'm not very good. Does everyone go fast?

Nope! We always make sure that we go as fast as the slowest rider. Everyone starts somewhere, so we don't mind what speed you are.


Do you ride on the road? What if I’m too scared to ride on the road?

We start riding on paths and in closed environments until we build everyone’s confidence to get out on the road.

We don’t expect anyone to do something they are frightened to do, but we usually find that everyone joins in and amazes themselves with doing things they thought they could never do. Safety is our biggest priority along with making riders feel comfortable.


Do I need my own bike?​

Yes, but if you can’t get your bike to the session, you can borrow one  of our Specialized demo bikes if we have one that is the right size.


Do I need a road bike?
You can have any kind of bike as long as it’s roadworthy (we can help you check that out).
I have a bike, but I can’t get my bike to the session. What can I do?

We'll do everything we can to help you get to the session including telling you how to get on the train with a bike or what route to take to arrive safely.


Are you qualified?

Yes, all our coaches are AustCycle Coaches and everyone has Level 2 First Aid, CPR and Working With Children accreditations as well.

Our head coaches are Level 1 Austcycle coaches, while others are AustCycle Skills coaches.


What do I need for the sessions

• a helmet

• a bike if you have one

• closed toe shoes

• comfortable clothes

• a full water bottle


I’m looking to purchase a bike, what bike should I get? What other gear do I need?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the best bike for you. We provide an advisory service for bikes and gear because we know what

women want in cycling. No lycra necessary!


Where are the sessions held?

Locations may vary, but we are continually trying to run programs and rides to cater for everyone. If you want Wheel Women near you, tell us!


What sessions do you offer?

See the LATEST RIDES CALENDAR for an up to date list of rides and sessions. We can only fulfill people's ride needs and desires when we understand what they are. Let us know if you have difficulty getting to a particular location, or if you have a particular time during the week that you're available to ride. If we generate enough interest in certain activities, events or locations we can change our sessions to suit.

We know you'll feel most comfortable riding with people who have similar ride ability to you. Click here to find out what type of rider you are. Remember to register for rides to ensure that the event goes ahead.



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