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Our very own Wheel Women reflective vest and we've called it the Glow Vest!  Okay, the pics are mock-ups of what it will look like...we're sorry we don't have the real thing but these are hot off the press! You can see in the pic how it refelects with lights shining on it...excellent visibility at night or those dark mornings!


It's made of a super soft and stretchy, reflective fabric, similar to our beautiful WW Gilet. The front panel and back panels are reflective - similar to some other brands you've seen out there, but more breathable. This doesn't feel like plastic, but more like a soft fabric.


The back and side panels are made from a mesh similar to our existing gilet so even more breathability - we can't print on the reflective surfaces, but we've designed two versions: one to match the WW Team kit and the other for those not so keen on magenta or aqua.


• There is a large zippered pocket on the front (see photo) and the rear has two pockets for all your goodies.

• Sizes the same as our exisiting WW Gilet...go ahead, start glowing!

WW Glow Vest

$145.00 Regular Price
$108.75Sale Price
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