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In November 2018, Wheel Women took on the initiative to operate Bikes@Work as a part of what we do to get the community cycling - with a mixed gender coaching team we can help all riders feel confident on their bikes. Men, women,'s time to ride!

Bikes at Work offers high-quality, accredited bicycle skills, safety and confidence training for individuals, community groups, councils and workplaces. Specialising in innovative active transport and health promotion initiatives for organisations such as workplace bike fleets, DIY bike maintenance, defensive cycling and skills workshops for employees.  


Bikes@Work is dedicated to getting cyclists of all shapes and sizes ready to roll confidently, catering predominantly to commuters, children and workplace riders, our team can offer a variety of programs:

• workplace sessions

• individual classes

• maintenance classes

• Learn To Ride for adults and children

• community groups 

• council programs

• school programs

• holiday programs for children

• group training

• workplace consultation and advice

We offer everything we offer at Wheel Women, only we have no gender specifications: men, children, women, teenagers...if you'd like to book a lesson for you or your child, then please use the link at the top of the page, or the button below.

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