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There are just so many reasons why we should pick up our bikes and go for a ride, but too often we just seem to come up with all the reasons we SHOULDN'T cycle. Maybe it seems too hard, you don't feel fit enough, the clothes look silly, or you don't feel safe. But the reality is any form of exercise is going to significantly reduce your chances of any number of illnesses. Cycling is a great way to get some passive exercise with huge benefits.


There are various research articles which we've provided links to below that indicate that your chance of suffering from Type 1 diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease and even mental illness can be reduced just by going and having some fun on the bike. We don't profess to be doctors and scientists, but hey, riding a bike isn't rocket science either! What we do know is the great feeling our riders experience when they start riding. Many have said it has changed their lives - now that's powerful stuff!















So, next time you find an excuse to not get on your bike, remember these points:


- cycling will help you live longer

- it's sustainable transport

- it's brilliant role modeling for your kids

- you might even lose some weight

- it might seem hard the first time, but it's gets easier with EVERY ride!

- you'll be enjoying the outdoors

- you'll feel like a kid again!

- you'll meet wonderful people

- it's FUN!!


There is no need to feel scared - we all start our riding journey somewhere, and believe us, you are not alone. There are loads of other women out there just like you, feeling a little nervous and not sure if they can do this. Yes you can and we are there to help you in a fun and supportive way.


Articles on Cycling (click each one to find out more!)



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