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"Wow! Just rode to and from work on main roads…50 minutes on my old bike and obeying all road rules. Never thought I would have the confidence to do this on my own. In my 50’s. Whoo-hoo for me.…my husband said that he was supprised that I chose to ride on the main road (in the bike lane of course). He was impressed and I was quite proud of myself. But I never forget that it is because of you. Thanks Tina!" - Lucy





"The most satisfying part of Wheel Women has been meeting Tina (the teacher) and the diverse women in the  group, learning new things which gave me confidence and having something exciting to look forward to each week." -  Jen


"It is really good for me to be a part of this wonderful program. Nice to see somebody cares about women who need support and help to change things in their lives." - Ioland
"Inspiring teacher – great camaraderie and encouragement." - Bronwyn


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