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Murasaki means purple and that;s one of our WW colours, however there is a reason we chose this name for our 2023 jersey. Murasaki Shikibu was a Japanese author and lady in waiting in the Japanese court. She wrote one of the first novels called The Tale of Genji in the year 1010 and is famed for her frankness and interior view of the Japanese court. Women authors of the time were virtually unheard of and she still stands as a symbol of female trailblazing in Japan!


Matches with Murasaki bibs, arms and gilet, or the Onomichi Green gilet.


Made from a technical wicking fabric, with 3 rear pockets with reflective strips. Sleeves are a decent length, not too short and not too long. Choose your usual WW sizing or use the size chart in the pics.


Cost will be: $135

Women's or Men's cut available


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