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PRE-ORDER ONLY. CLOSES 24th June 2020.  Delivery expected: mid August 2020.


Our 3/4 Bibs are sensational...


The Topaz design comes with a polka dot band on one leg and the WW logo in Topaz greens/yellow on the opposite band at the base of each leg.


The tummy area is cut nice and high so you won't get any tell-tale waist-bands cutting in where you don't want them and the chamois is made for all-day riding. The straps are nice and wide and the leg bands are wide with NO grippy elastic or silicone.


Unlike previous versions, the fabric isn't sublimated (printed) on the side panels anymore, so no more 'grey' look when the fabric stretches. It's all just black where you want it to be black.


All our bibs now come with a snap back, so you can unclip the straps for easy toilet breaks, without having to get every other bit of gear off...phew!

Topaz 3/4 Bibs

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