As winter approaches there is nothing nicer than a soft neck buff to keep the cold out and the warm in...only this time we've added a little extra. Inside the top of the buff is a small pocket that you can slide a P2.5 filter inside. The buff comes with 2 filters and you can order more online if you need to. But best of all the buff has a bendy nose piece just like a surgical mask to keep a firm seal. You don't have to use the filter if you don't wish, the pocket can remain empty and you'll still stay warm!


We aren't advocating that these masks will save you from any nasty viruses , but they might offer a tiny bit of protection as per CDC advice (( It doesn't mean you can let down your guard with social distancing or good hygeine practices, but they might help a little....and when it's all over you have a crazy momento of a time we'd all rather put behind us!


This is a PRE-ORDER ONLY item and we will take orders until 22nd April 2020.

All orders will be dispatched by the very hygienic WW team via mail...but of course, we do advise washing first (without the filter inside!)


NOTE: The patterned buff pictured above is a sample of our original buffs without nose piece and filter - this is not what you will get. The actual designs are the artwork samples: pink, teal or black. Your choice is of these 3 designs/colours.


Locally made too!!

Neck Buff with Filter


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