The colours reflect the beautiful hues of the amazing sunsets across the waters of the Setouchi. The design features the wild currents of the flowing tides the area is famous for and along with the 'orizuru' (origami crane which is a symbol of peace and goodwill in Hiorshima, you'll be making friends in no time. Our message across the back reads 'Hisashiburi Shimanami' which means 'long time no see Shimanami''s a friendly and warm message to the locals to let them know it's great to be back! They might greet you with an 'okaeri nasai' which means 'welcome back!'


Made from a technical wicking fabric, with 3 rear pockets with reflective strips. Sleeves are a decent length, not too short and not too long. Armbands and no grip on the hem line so the jersey falls nicely and doesn't ride up.

Murasaki Jersey