Murasaki Arm Warmers to keep you toasty on cold October mornings...these match all versions of the kit.


Made from Roubaix fabric our arm warmers are the softest, coziest arm warmers you can imagine! Just in case you didn't know, Roubaix fabric is soft, fleecy lined and ready for the colder months. The upper arm has an elastic band that isn't too tight and has a nice dotted silicone gripper, so it won't irritate your skin. And yes, we know these are expensive, but the production cost in comparison to a jersey is NUTS!!! (Sorry!)


Sizes as follows: please note, this is an approximation...please allow for stretch to fit your arm.


XS - 22cm upper arm opening

S - 24cm upper arm opening

M - 26cm upper arm opening

L - 28cm upper arm opening

XL - 30cm upper arm opening

2XL - 32cm upper arm opening


Murasaki Arm Warmers