Do you ever get that feeling that your rides are limited to the path because of fear of riding on the road? Then this course is for you as we venture from the paths into the world of shared spaces on the road, with traffic! We'll show you how to deal with traffic, how to make decisions about what is safe for you and how to negotiate different scenarios.


We'll cover traffic situations, best use of the bike lanes, road rules and how to feel confident with what you are doing. Riding on the road means you can take your riding a whole lot further and join in some of the more advanced Wheel Women rides.


This is a 2-week course, we'll cover different skills in each session. For the best outcome, we recommend you attend both sessions.

Cost: $40/session. Members $35/session

When: Session 1: Saturday 1st May, 9am - 11am, Session 2: Saturday, 8th May, 9am - 11am

Where: Flemington area, details TBA


If you have any questions about these sessions contact:

Confidence On The Road

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