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We all know diamonds are a girl's best why not
book a Diamond Class for you and a group of friends!


You don't have to wait until we have a program running in your area.

Why not choose a Diamond Class program and we'll come to you!




If you have a bunch of friends you want to ride with, and you'd all like to learn to ride safely together and build your cycling confidence, then why not book a Diamond Class?


We can pick a convenient location for you and your friends to meet and ride, and we'll plan a program that will help you build the skills you's sort of like the 'day spa' option. That's why we called it the Diamond Class - it's pretty special!


All you need to do is gather a minimum number of  4 people for your group (max of 10) and we'll plan a program to suit.


We can cater to all levels, but it's best if you and your friends are all roughly at the same place with your riding.


Treat'll have a ball!




Choose between:

Single Session OR  Program


All classes are 2 hours long - that includes a half hour for coffee somewhere nice...

Oh, and the coffee is on us!


We can run as many session as you like,

but we encourage you to do a minimum

of 3 Sessions and make it a Program.


One session - $60 per person

Three sessions - $160 per person

Six sessions - $240 per person


Minimum of 4 people per session


Distances of  25-40km  will incur an extra travel fee of $20 per session. 40-60km is $30 and beyond 60km please contact us.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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